Cheap options to apply makeup like Kim Kardashian and dazzle just like the world’s most popular trendsetter

Kardashian Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer

When talking about make-up, it is impossible not to mention Kim Kardashian. This diva always looks flawless and her face shows off some of the latest tendencies in the world. If you have any doubt about these facts, then all you need to do is look online to verify this fact.

Kim’s looks are constantly being imitated on social media. Young teenage girls with hundreds of followers from original influencers try to look just like one of the most famous Kardashian girls, Kim.

Not everyone knows how Kim manages to look perfect for every occasion. The truth is behind each one of her flawless looks is the help from the iconic Mario Dedivanovic, her personal makeup artist for many years.

It is to be expected being an iconic personality in the Kim’s fashion world that he would launch his own line of cosmetics. He called it “KKW Beauty” and it has been extremely successful, especially his line of correctors and certain creams that are used to perfectly define the face’s natural alignment, such as achieved by the famous celebrity mentioned in this article.

While many admire KKW Beauty products, sadly they are out of the reach of many of our pocket books. If you want to look like Kim and don’t want to break the bank doing so, then keep reading and we will share with you some of the best options to cause the same impact but at less expense to your pocket book.

Tips for caring for your skin and applying makeup so you look just like Kim Kardashian and how to adapt her look to your budget

Some essential products to have a perfect face like Kim’s, starts with having a good quality liner for your eyebrows. It isn’t for nothing that Mario Dedivanovic says the following: ” eyebrows are your face’s frame and essential for any look whether night or day. If the are not perfectly aligned, then there is absolutely no point to wearing make-up”. For this part of her face, the celebrity uses Brow Wiz, from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

To have porcelain skin, apply Ultra Facial Moisturizer from Kiehl’s. Of course we can’t forget about her perfect mated finishing that Kim always has. To achieve this look, use Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier.

The majority of us cannot afford a personal makeup artist or some of the other products used by this celebrity’s beauty routine. But there is no need to be faint of heart, there are many other alternatives to look as perfect as Kim, but at a much lower cost.

Brow gel by MAC helps to achieve the same effect as Brow Wiz. Meanwhile using a Hydrating Facial Oil Free Moisturizer by Neutrogena or BB cream by Maybelline can help you have the same porcelain skin as Kim’s, as they hydrate, moisturize and conceal any skin imperfections on skin all at the same time. Finally, you can have Kim’s same professional look by finishing up your look with Mineral Power Setting Powder by Maybelline.

Kim admitted that she spends more than two thousand dollars a month on facial products. But don’t panic, we will give you some good options that will care for your skin, which will give you the skin that any influencer will envy.

Cleaning, toning and hydrating are some of the most important steps in caring for your skin according to this celebrity. “I love to care for my skin and I am always looking for distinct products and trying new things. I don’t want to confine myself to a basic face cleanser or a certain brand of facial moisteners” affirms Kim Kardashian West in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Don’t worry, as there is no need to spend thousands of dollars as this celebrity does each month on beauty products. However, you might have to invert a small amount of cash into purchasing certain essential items for caring for your face. One of them is exfoliate by Neutrogena, which is an excellent product but won’t burn a whole in your pocket and can be used once a week to cleanse your skin of any impurities. A low cost toner is rose petal water and last but not least, you can’t forget to hydrate. For hydrating your face, you can use one of the many hydrating creams by Nivea.

We all know the Kim Kardashian is the “queen” when it comes to contouring; this is one of her main secrets for her well-defined and marked face. This is one of the final tricks to look like Kim, as this makeup technique basically highlights and sculpts your face, all by using different tones.

There is no doubt that this famous celebrity has the ability to optimize a situation to her advantage. This includes her line of beauty products that are considered to be the best to achieve her makeup techniques that have trademarked her world-known look, one of these products is the Kardashian Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer, even she agrees that Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is one of her favorite go-to products for contouring her face. But please don’t start freaking out because you can’t afford either of these products, you can achieve the same look by using a good highlighter concealer and corrector that are two different tones, one lighter than the other and good bronzer that matches your skin tone.

Also, to make your life easier, Mario Dedivanovic, Kim’s makeup artist has been publishing online, on YouTube, a series of DIY videos to master this technique, so you can look as good as Kim day after day. All you need to do is to check out his videos and buy a few products and look, as Kim would say “On fleek!”

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