How to become more intelligent

Intelligence stands out, as one of the most sought after prizes of this era, dubious of the definition that is given to intelligence being not that of wisdom. Without a doubt intelligence is the best cognitive ability, as it is very useful.

intelligence is the best cognitive ability

Considering this fact, nobody minds increasing his or her intelligence. Since science is investigating how our brains function, we have access to knowledge that will help us to apply new habits and techniques that will increase our thinking skills. Some scientists claim that intelligence begins to develop from birth and even details such as the decoration of a room influence us, from an infancy.

Following, you will find some of these suggestions:

  • 1. Read

Numerous studies have shown that reading provides many benefits at a neuron level. Among its virtues is that it helps to improve our memory, sharpens the mind, and lowers the risk of memory loss from aging. These can actually be considered to be a type of antidepressant, as it makes you more creative, among other virtues.

  • 2. Meditate

A fascinating fact is that by meditating, we can actually modify our brain. Studies preformed by Harvard, discovered that meditation affects the most parts of five sections of the brain, including the left hippocampus. This section of the brain aids in learning, cognitive ability, memory and emotional stability.

  • 3. Exercise

Exercise is absolutely necessary in order to have good mental health, as it is directly related to having a good mood. Exercise helps us to release our stored up energy and let go of the built up daily stress. Other benefits for our overall health are all cognitive such as improving our memory, attention span and reasoning abilities. Also, it improves our coordination and other benefits depending on the type of exercise we will do.

  • 4. Dexterity games

Today, there are millions of apps that cam improve mental dexterity, but if you are old school you can use games such as Scrabble or crossword puzzles to keep your brain active and working. Choose games that promote logic and strategy for problem solving.

  • 5. Sleep in the correct position

Many of the common illnesses that we face today, such as depression, are directly related to stress and lack of sleep. The OMS has called depression ‘the disease of the century’. These factors lead to a vicious circle that takes us to an emotional and physical imbalance. Having a good nights’ sleep is extremely important, never under estimate how sleep can affect you. Sleep well and it just might save your life.

  • 6. Learn a new language or play an instrument

People who know a second language can develop more cognitive skills. Languages can co-habitat in your brain at the same time, helping people reason from different points of view, which is very stimulating. Studies have proven that learning another language can transform the brain structure, especially in the area that processes information. Henceforth, this increases our cognitive abilities.

On the other hand, learning a new language helps to avoid early onset cognitive aging and memory loss, as it keeps the brain active and alert, and of course helps to keep a positive outlook on life.

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